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WordPressResponsive TemplateUnbelievable another week gone by and this week for Free Template Tuesday we have a top quality responsive WordPress theme. Free Yasmin Responsive WordPress Template, that means the theme will adjust itself to the screen size of various devices used to browse the web. Let that be your desktop, laptop, tablet or even your smart phone. You will not have to swipe and drag to see the content overflowing your small screen sized devices. It is not only the site layout that is responsive, even the media elements like images, slideshows and videos are responsive in this theme. This is based on the skeleton Framework.

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Free Yasmin Responsive WordPress TemplateIt's FREE Templates Tuesday and that's right come back every Tuesday to check out the newest FREE template or theme.  Whatever your chosen emphasis, this Free Yasmin Responsive WordPress Template is an amazing free theme that is stocked full with advanced capabilities that position it far ahead of the competitors. This theme is also powered with features like custom post type, taxonomies, custom menu, featured thumbnails etc. Portfolio post types are used to display your portfolio items. This theme supports 2 portfolio items.

Watch the following screencast to see how to create these portfolio entries.

This theme is licensed for personal and non-commerical use. Licensing is included in the download file.

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Theme options

1. Logo

You have an option to set an image logo for your website. You can upload your logo image and set it as your
logo with this option. Mind the height and width limitation of the site header while creating your logo image.

2. Social network

You can set various social bookmark links like, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin ec.

3. Featured slider

This is an area to display a large featured image slideshow. You can set this section to be visible or not. You
will have the option to select the category from which the featured slider pulls the images and also set the
number of images to be shown.

4. Callout box

This is a customizable area that can display any callout text you want to display. You can choose to display or
not to display this section. You can also enter the custom content via the theme option.

5. Portfolio page

Select the Portfolio page. But you will have to create the Portfolio page using the “Portfolio-page” custom
page template.

6. Blog page

Select the Blog page. But you will have to create the Blog page using the “Blog” custom page template.
Custom Page templates

This theme comes with 2 custom page templates.

To use the custom page templates, just create a NEW PAGE and select the appropriate template from the template
dropdown list in the page attributes.

Blog template

The blog page template can be used to display the blog section of your site.

Portfolio template

Use this template to show all the portfolio items you have on the site.

WordPress Engine: 4.0.+
WordPress Compatibility: 4.0.x - 4.1.x
Features: Admin Panel
Functionality: Blog, Gallery
Width: 100%
Coding: PHP
Software Required
  • PHP 5.3.10+
  • MySQl 5.1+ with InnoDB support
  • Apache 2.
Hosting Requirements
  • PHP 5.2.4 or higher
  • MySQL 5.0 or higher
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module

Sources available:

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