Free Responsive Green Drupal Template

DrupalResponsive TemplateIt's Free Template Tuesday and this week we are going Green with a nice Free Responsive Green Drupal TemplateThis Free Responsive Green Drupal theme has a vary fresh design, Google Web Fonts, dropdown menus, a responsive slideshow, and much more.

Free Responsive Green Drupal Template is a professional responsive theme. The theme is not reliant on any core theme and is very light weight for quick loading with contemporary look.

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Free Responsive Green Drupal Template

It's FREE Template Tuesday and that's right come back every Tuesday to check out the newest FREE template or theme.

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Free Responsive Green Drupal Template Technical Details

Drupal Engine: 7.x
Drupal Compatibility: 7.x

Item Description

  • Professional responsive theme.
  • Simple and clean design.
  • Fixed Width.
  • Drupal standards compliant.
  • Special Toggle menu for Mobile and Table.
  • Multi-level drop-down menus.
  • Implementation of a Responsive Slideshow.
  • Use of Google Web Fonts.
  • Custom Front page region.
  • Custom region for Slideshow.
  • Show/Hide option for Slideshow.
  • Social links.
  • Show/Hide option for Social links.

To show child menu item on hover of parent menu item, Select "Show as expanded " at setting page of menu items.
Project Information

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