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Woo Layout Editor WordPress Plugin

Woo Layout Editor WordPress Plugin Upon installation the Woo Layout Editor plugin introduces under Woocommerce menu a visual drag&drop editor to customize WooCommerce by exchange position and/or drop any element in a single product page as well as in an archive shop page which are the main pages that WooCommerce users tend to modify - hence a…
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Machete WordPress Plugin

Machete WordPress Plugin Machete is a simple suite of tools that solve common WordPress annoyances using as few resources as posible. Machete doesn't cover every single user case, but there is a huge amount of sites that would require less plugins if they used Machete. So far includes the following tools: Header cleanup: WordPress places…
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PW Image Cleaner WordPress Plugin

PW Image Cleaner shows you unused images within your WordPress site, including Woocommerce, and gives you a CSV list of the detected images so that you can delete them and free up valuable space. ALWAYS make a BACKUP of your database and site before deleting images! Take PW Image Cleaner to the next level with…
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