In Design You Can’t Ignore SEO

We all know that web designers can create beautiful, eye catching, clever websites but what good is all that creativity if no one ever visits the site? SEO specialists need to help the design community understand that good SEO is part of the web design and development process and not something that’s fixed after the website is complete. In design you can't ignore SEO any longer.

The truth about SEO and design:

Consider SEO in Your Web Design

As a web designer, you’re probably focusing on User Experience, aesthetics, browser size, taxonomy and device restrictions – well now it’s time to add SEO to your list. Why? Well given that 80% of website traffic comes from search engines, if you don’t design for them well your client’s website is going to get little or no traffic.

The hard truth is that (checkout video below):

Many award winning websites (featured on sites like Awwwards and theFwa) don’t rank on search engines. Don’t believe us? Read this;

Often SEO consultants have to redesign a large portion of the website to ensure it meets search engine requirements; There won’t be any “user experience” if the website doesn’t get traffic; Most searches online are for unbranded keywords.

None SEO constrained design

In Design You Can't Ignore SEO

On the Mercedes Benz site above a one-page parallax scrolling design has been used that is less SEO friendly. This is the kind of website that usually wins awards but won’t to rank for generic keywords, but since the brand is so well known, SEO is not really an issue.
SEO is part of the design process

So, next time you’re designing a site, make SEO part of the process, not an troublesome afterthought. A website with a strong SEO foundation will prove a successful business tool for your clients, and clients that are happy equal much happier designers.

If you want to learn more about SEO for the web design process, check out these great resources:

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