How to Install a Custom WordPress Template

Our guess is many of you out there that are considering creating their own websites, and wondering if you can do it yourself?  Are we right?  If so then you found the right place and should first highly consider WordPress for your website platform.  WordPress is mostly easy to maintain, can be customized if needed, and has 10's of thousands of available plugins that are relatively simple to add.  Best WordPress HostingNext you will want to choose a hosting provider.  We'll get to that in a separate article, but for now you should highly consider one of our partners to the right.  They have been around and hosting WordPress for many years, can assist you with installing a WordPress template if needed, and are relatively inexpensive.

Now lets move on to how to install a custom WordPress template.  Checkout the video below:

Let us know what you thought of our video, and consider one of our FREE or Premium WordPress Website templates.

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